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2016-2017 Fee Structure

(1) Membership fee: all club members who wish to practice with the club or play at tournaments are required to pay the semi-annual membership fees corresponding to the period they are participating in.
(2) Drop-in fees: members may participate at a leisure level.
(3) Practice fees: members who participate in more than six (6) practices during a given semester are responsible for the practice fee of that particular semester.


  • Two days a week (Tuesday and Saturday) : $180 (Students $130)

  • One day a week (Tuesday or Saturday) $90 (Students $75)

  • Drop-in Casual : $15 per session


● Membership and practice fees cover the cost of gym rental and supplies
● The fees do not cover any tournament expenses. Players are responsible for purchasing their own tournament membership and will be billed a co-payment for any tournament they choose to participate in.
● Members commit to abiding by the club's code of conduct
● An athletic waiver must be signed for participation

How To Pay

1 2 3

Cash & Cheques

Available to most Canadian Banking Institutions

Only use if the preceding 2 are non-viable options.

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Submit Cash and Cheques (made out to BC Team Handball or BCTHF) to the appropriate personnel at practice.

Submit the value by using the email "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."


Membership Fees 2016-2017



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