Handball Equipment

Choosing the correct shoes


It is very important to choose the right training shoes as they ensure perfect movement control. The main feature of handball training shoes is to maintain perfect foot support to ensure good movement and sure footing. Good handball shoes must have an excellent grip (rubber sole is the 

best), good foot support must give lateral support as well. The shoes needs to be light weight and of course needs to give good ventilation for the foot. The materials used for good foot support is leather which is soft and comfortable; nylon mesh that provides breathability.

Choosing the right clothing

The clothing consists of a t-shirt and shorts that are generally made of cotton. Polyester-cotton mixes stand up better to frequent washing, tends tends to dry quicker and doesn't need to be ironed.


The circumference of the Handball is different for men and women. The general rule is that the player should be able to hold the ball with one hand. An official handball is made of leather as it provides better grip. The following table summarizes the official sizes for men, women and children:handball

Size Category Circumference (cm) Weight (grams)
III Men, and males >16yo 58-60 425-475
II Women, males 12-16yo, females >14yo 54-56 325-375
I >8yo 48-52 280-330


Handball Court

A regulation team handball court is 20m x 40m. There are four lines marked on the court, the 6m/goal area line, the 7m/penalty line, the 9m/free throw line, and a center line midway between the two baselines.

handball court

Handball Goals

handball goalThe official size goal for handball is 2 m high and 3m wide. It has a net hung on it in such a way that a ball thrown into the goal will not bounce straight out again. The net is one meter deep at the base of the goal.